Colour mixing – Hope, Education, Arts, Creation

The project with the title of Colour mixing – Hope, Education, Arts, Creation and registration number of HU07-0193-B2-2016 has been funded in the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 in the frame of Promotion of diversity in culture and arts within European cultural heritage programme area and Promoting intercultural – Roma/non-Roma – dialogue.

Project promoter: Foundation for Museum’s friends

Partners: Csácsé Rom Roma Cultural Society and Chance Society of South Bácska

Project total budget: 30 193 070 HUF

Fund: 27 173 745 HUF

Implementation: 1 June, 2016 – 15 April, 2017

The overall objectives of the project are to facilitate Roma and non-Roma intercultural dialogue in North-Bácska region, also to involve the underprivileged regions and underprivileged target groups during the implementation, to adapt and spread of best practices through regular, frequent and long-running implementation of artistic programmes and cultural events organized mostly for the young generation. 

Target group: underprivileged region and underprivileged inhabitant of Baja Small Region, primarily the young people of elementary schools and their social core: family, school and friends.


  • creation of 17 kinds of cultural objects
  • organisation of 29 cultural events, programmes

Altogether 248 occasions for learning.

  • creation of 2 new communication platforms for knowledge sharing

Altogether 296 activities organized for promoting cultural diversity in the region

Involvement of 41 artists, educators into the regular programmes

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