Museum pedagogy

Felület megjelenésének beállításai

A felület megjelenésének beállításai
Az alábbi kapcsolókkal olyan beállításokat érhet el, amik segítik az olvasási nehézséggel élőket.
Ezzel megnövelheti a felület kontrasztját.
Ezzel erősebbé teheti a szöveg kiemelését.
Ezzel kikapcsolhatja a mozgó elemeket.



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Beside the permanent and the temporary exhibitions in the Turr Istvan Museum we can offer different type of engagement for children and adults too (knowledge-broadening and creative games). Little children can play tale-theatricals or artificer activity. For children from elementary school we ensure experience-based classes and workhousig activities. Student groups from middle school can take part in 90 minutes museum classes and artificer activities. For adults we set up knowledge-broadening courses.

In the museum-pedagogy engagements the interactivity and the cultural cooperativement have important rules. In the classes children can easily get knowledge about the history of Baja, the ethnic- and religious diversity, the social-, ethnographical-, cultural changes and developement. We can also offer the temporary exhivitions-related museum classes beside the engagement of the local curriculum.

The aim is the cognition of the museum’s building, the place’s own spirit and the exhibition’s message. We consider the different age-group’s specialities, the opportunities within the classes and the teachers’ own perceptions.

The museum-pedagogical activities are useful for both children and teachers because these activities join to the national- and local basis curriculum and strengthen the young people’s local identity and improve different competences.

The aims of the museum classes are to reshape the learnings in the school and make from them experiences. Participants can try out things that are strange for them (they could oly read or hear about them).

If you know that you will need own technical help or you won’t have own idea how to make our history alive, you should contact us! Our professionals can help you to find the best opportunity.