The "Múzeumbarátok Köre" endowment

Friends of István Türr Museum Association

The capital town of the culture of Bacska is Baja which has deep roots. In Turr Istvan Museum our aim is to provide European standarded cultural engagements for the North-Bacska area. The Turr Istvan Museum recognized that to keep the appropriate standard we need modern cultural conceptuion and modern academic methods beside the financial and intellectual basics. Friends of István Türr Museum Association has that aim to strengthen the professional and audience-rapport activities.

The changes in culture and civilization in Baja allow of the formation of a new cultural engagement. In this case the museum got an important role. A town in the 21st century has to develop the aspect about the young generation’s local identity and an environmentally-friendly thinking.

Friends of István Türr Museum Association

helps the museum in Baja from application roots. In the previous years the museum has gotten a significant amount of appliances and financial help  for the exhibitions, classes and for the audience.

The Turr Istvan Museum try to create the location of the knowledge-broadening and cultural engagements. Within the help of the endowment and the improvement of the appliances we can reach our aim.

The museum with the endowment regard the keeping of the local cultural activities, the history of North-Bacska, the national customs and the artistic heritages as their own task. Beside these to create the opportunity of the cultural heritage’s using and to provide the equal chance of the admittance to cultural heritages is also important for us.

For this aim the museum try to improve the appliances and reform the museum-pedagogical engagements. Friends of István Türr Museum Association give us a great help in these.