The project with the title of Colour mixing - Hope, Education, Arts, Creation

Promotion of  cultural diversity  and  diversityin Arts within  European cultural heritage (Programme Area 17),andsupporting sustainable local communities and strengthening social cohesion are important objectives  of  the  EEA  Financial  Mechanismin  Hungary  and  in  14 beneficiary countries. The EEA Financial Mechanism is jointly set up by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norwayas Donor countries.

The Donor countries contribute to the Financial Mechanism according their population and economic wealth. The contribution of EEA Financial Mechanismfor  Hungary  is  70.10  million  EUR.Of  thisamount  1,7  million  EUR  is  available for granting under this Callfor Proposals.Hungary is extremely rich in cultural heritages in international context as well, their elements are part of ournational and local identity, have outstanding importance regarding our welfare and  economic perspectives,  it  has significant add edvalueinthefield  of  economy  and employmentas well.  The  EEA  Financial Mechanism the refore contributes these  overall objectiv es as well.Inaddition topromotingculturaldiversity,  intheframework  of  the  ‘Conservation  and Revitalisation  of  CulturalHeritage  and  NaturalHeritage’  programmeit  is  also  a  further objective to promote bilateral partnerships between organisations dealing with arts,  culture and Roma integration from Hungary and similar organisations Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland.

The project with the title of Colour mixing - Hope, Education, Arts, Creation and registration number of HU07-0193-B2-2016 has been funded in the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 in the frame of Promotion of diversity in culture and arts within European cultural heritage programme area and Promoting intercultural – Roma/non-Roma – dialogue.

Project promoter: Foundation for Museum’s friends

Partners: Csácsé Rom Roma Cultural Society and Chance Society of South Bacska

Project total budget: 30 193 070 HUF

Fund: 27 173 745 HUF

Implementation: 01.06. 2016. – 15.04. 2017.


The overall objectives of the project are to facilitate Roma and non-Roma intercultural dialogue in North-Bacska region, also to involve the underprivileged regions and underprivileged target groups during the implementation, to adapt and spread of best practices through regular, frequent and long-running implementation of artistic programmes and cultural events organized mostly for young generation.

Target group: underprivileged region and underprivileged inhabitant of Baja Small Region, primarily the young people of elementary schools and their social core: family, school and friends.


-creation of 17 kinds of cultural objects

-organisation of 29 cultural events, programmes

Altogether 248 occasions for learning.

-creation of 2 new communication platforms for knowledge sharing

Altogether 296 activities organized for promoting cultural diversity in the region

Involvement of 41 artists, educators into the regular programmes