Nagy István Gallery

The Nagy István Gallery is an exhibition hall displaying the fine art collection of Türr István Museum. The former single-floor mansion of the Vojnich family was built around 1830 in the style of classicism. From 1947, it was the home of the liberal academy and art colony lead by painter Gyula Rudnay. Since 1985, it has been functioning as the Nagy István Gallery.

The gallery’s permanent exhibition displays the art of István Nagy (1873-1937), who was born in the Szekler village of Csíkmindszent (today Misentea, Romania). From 1885, he was a student of Bertalan Székely in the Budapest Mintarajziskola, a school of applied art. For three years, he studied at the Academy of Munich, then continued his education in the Julien Academy of Paris.

He left Transylvania for Hungary around 1920, where he continued the extensive traveling he started before the war. He walked hundreds of kilometers each summer. He married in 1926 and continued his trips with his wife. His subjects include the gloomy landscapes of Transylvania, the Bakony mountains, the Hungarian Great Plain, the region of Baja with its grazing animals and roughly-hewn faces.

His worsening disease forced him to settle down. He arrived in Baja in 1930 and lived here until his death in 1937. His widow donated about 40 of his works to our museum.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, we arrange temporary exhibitions from the material of the Oltványi collection, displaying ever new faces of the peculiar spirituality of this collection of fine art works.

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